by Will Hatoum January 18, 2020

Some dogs shed so much, they seem to turn your home into a habitat for dust bunnies and fur finches. You know — the clumps of dog hair you find huddled in corners or hiding under your couch? Or the tuffs of dog fur flitting about until they perch on your freshly dry-cleaned suit?

It’s annoying, right?

And to make matters worse, your husky, spying you hurrying to try to get out the door, brushes by with his fluffy, furry flank, leaving a sweater full of dog hair on your pant leg.

Sound familiar? If yes, you, my friend, are in a “hairy” situation.

It’s fun to laugh about it now, but we all know, your dog’s shedding often means a lot of work, a bit of extra maintenance and more cleaning. And for the love and company or your pup, it’s all worth it.

But for others, though, visitors to your home who may have pet allergies, your dog’s hair is no laughing matter but rather a sneezing, coughing, breaking out in hives matter. Consider too your dog’s hair clings to your clothes, so wherever you go, you bring potential suffering for others with you.

Just to be clear, the dog hair is itself not an allergen, but the dander and their saliva on that hair is. The more your dog sheds, the more dander is airborne.

So for your sanity and for your comfort and health, getting your dog’s loose hair situation under control is important. So how do you do that?

Here are 4 tips on how to control your dog’s shedding:

Brush your dog

Brush your dog. Soothe-N-Itch Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Dogs and Cat Shampoo by Paws-A-Bunch.

It seems like a given, but if you are finding your dog leaving fur balls and hair tuffs drifting about the house, you probably need to brush your dog more often. Brushing captures the loose hair from your pup’s coat before it gets a chance to rub off and roam free.

How often you brush is related to your breed and the season. Granted, if you have a husky, shepherd or another cold-climate variety of dog, you will need to brush their hair out more often in spring as they take off their wool sweate

You will also want to consider the kind of brush you use. For example, while a bristle brush is great on all dogs, the longer the hair of your dog, the more widely spaced and the longer the bristles should be. A wire pin brush is good for dogs with medium or long curly or wool-like coats. You can use a slicker brush, a brush made of fine wire bristles, to release matting and knots from your dog’s coat. If your dog has sensitive skin, consider using a wide-toothed comb to get rid of loose hair, dirt and knots.

De-shed your dog

coat shedding hygiene and-care for pet. Soothe-N-Itch Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Dogs and Cat Shampoo by Paws-A-Bunch.

No, that doesn’t mean taking your dog out of his backyard dog shed — but you will probably need to do so to do this. De-shed your dog with a de-shedding tool. You can buy a tool specially made for de-shedding that features a metal comb with tightly-spaced tines or a serrated blade — both specifically designed to remove those tuft-producing fine-hair undercoats. Brush him with this tool especially during shedding season and it should help to mitigate those floating fur birds.

Bathe your dog

Bathe your dog. Soothe-N-Itch Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Dogs and Cat Shampoo by Paws-A-Bunch.

Obviously, subjecting your dog (and just because of the nature of the activity, yourself) to a session with the suds cleans your dog’s fur coat, but it also helps free up loose hair and dead skin from your pup’s fur while simultaneously confining it to the bathwater. This way, just like brushing, you capture your dog’s hair before it floats free. In addition, the soap also helps to wash away the allergy-affecting dander and saliva, making your dog a little more, though temporarily, “hypoallergenic” and his fur less offensive.

That said, you should be careful about washing your dog as too much bathing can create more problems. Also, because a dog can himself have allergies and sensitive skin, you might consider using a gentle shampoo like Soothe-N-Itch Dog Shampoo as it will soothe him and not dry out his skin, especially if he requires more frequent baths. Dry skin is a cause for excessive shedding, so you don’t want to bathe your dog too much or you will have even more fur on your hands.

Keep your dog well-hydrated

Keep your dog well-hydrated. Soothe-N-Itch Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Dogs and Cat Shampoo by Paws-A-Bunch.

We mentioned above how dry skin is a cause for shedding problems. Besides avoiding bathing your dog too much, one of the best things you can do to keep your dog’s skin moisturized is keep his water bowl full.

According to, a dog’s daily water intake should be three to six ounces for every five pounds of body weight.

If you keep your dog appropriately hydrated, you should see less shedding.

Talk to your vet

Talk to your vet about Dog Shedding.  Soothe-N-Itch Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Dogs and Cat Shampoo by Paws-A-Bunch.

Even with all of these tips, on your next check-up with your friendly local veterinarian, ask him or her about what you can do for your dog’s shedding issue. They may give you some pointers on diet or supplements.  Maybe the reason you are wearing your dog’s sweater is because of what he is eating or not eating.

Their recommendations along with ours should but you on the path for a more fur free (or minimized) environment, a happier you and a pleased doggie.


Hopefully, you now have an idea of how to conquer your dog’s shedding problem. With a good combination of brushing, de-shedding, bathing and proper hydration, plus a talk with the vet, you’ll once again have a dog, but without his dust bunny and fur bird friends.


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