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About Us Old

For years I’ve had an extreme fear of dogs after seeing one maul my mom when I was a kid. All that changed when my wife and I got a 3 month old Aussie Shepherds Lab mix (Lexie). My wife was raised around all kinds of animals like cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters, etc. But, for me, it was a different story! That all changed with Lexie! She little by little wormed her way into my heart. And in a few weeks, you would be surprised to know that she was my first pet ever, my first dog, and the animal I grew up fearing the most.


Unfortunately, our little Lexie had issues!!!


At age 1, she tore her PCL on her right hind leg. To make matters worse, while having her knee fixed, the vet told us that she was also born with hip dysplasia. This meant our little girl would suffer from joint problems for the rest of her life. He also told us that with her condition, the other knee might give out as well. Luckily, that hasn’t happened, but our baby girl started favoring the leg we did the surgery on, and barely put any weight on the other leg.


Our vet recommended we take her to rehab so they can help adjust her gate and balance her weight on both legs. He also recommended the water treadmill to help her work her  muscles without having to support her full weight (87lbs at the time). We started her sessions, but soon realized that we now have a new problem. Due to all the chemicals used in the treadmill water, our baby girl was getting crimson red spots around the inside of her thighs. To top it off, she was licking and scratching them raw, even drawing blood in some cases. She was also licking her belly like crazy! Made that crimson red too! She even licked all her belly hair clear off.


Seeing this, we were heartbroken! We set out to help her and now we were causing her more pain. We stopped the sessions, and asked our vet and rehab therapist for help. They recommended we rub Aloe on it, however, that didn’t help! We figured there had to be something that can better remove these irritants and soothe her skin. This is how the Paws-A-Bunch brand and Sooth-N-Itch product line came to be!


Within a few days from her 1st using this shampoo, we started seeing noticeable changes. She started licking less, her belly color got better! Where it was once red and raw, now it was normal pink! We even noticed her hair slowly returning.


Another icing on the cake, our dog started getting a nice soft shiny coat. Not to mention, she didn’t stink as fast as she did before. In the past, she would start stinking within 2-3 days of her wash. Now with this shampoo, she would go over a week with a soft and nice smelling coat. In fact, we loved it so much, we asked our groomers to wash her with this shampoo instead of theirs whenever we’re unable to wash her ourselves.


Seeing how well this product worked, we wanted to help other pet parents whose pets are suffering like ours by providing solutions that flat out work! And You can rest assured that your pet’s health is at the forefront of our minds being pet parents ourselves.


We’re so eager to help out any animal in need that we’ve made it a core element of our mission! For every item purchased, Paws-A-Bunch will make a donation to local shelters and rescues. We donate all types of products like blankets, food, treats, food bowls, toys, shampoo etc. We believe pets are our most loving and loyal companions, and we do everything in our power to make sure they are loved and well taken care of.


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